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About Reform – Resource Centre for Men

Reform – resource center for men is a politically independent not-for-profit organisation. Founded in 2002 and mainly funded by the Department for Children, Equality and Inclusion, the organisation works towards gender equality from a male perspective.

We believe that men as well as women benefit from increased gender equality, and that men as well as women experience challenges based on their gender.

For more information about Reform and our mandate, read our English brochure: Gender Equality with a male perspective.

Core activities

Helping men in difficult life phases and life situations. Reform offers a men’s helpline, and a men’s helpline for juridical questions.

Promoting male perspectives in the media and the general public. Reform organises conferences, seminars and workshops, distributes publications on issues concerning men, debates men’s issues in the media and communicates through our blog, Facebook and Twitter

Initiating and participating in Norwegian and international projects focused on men. Works politically to promote more gender equal policies. Reform reviews goverment policy suggestions and works in close cooperation with different government agencies

Reform work with topics concerning:

  • Fatherhood and parental leave
  • Men’s health
  • Men with migrant background
  • Dating violence among youth
  • Men and boy suffering from sexual harassment
  • Violence in intimate relationships
  • Men buying sex

International activities

Reform is part of an international network of organisations working with gender equality from a male perspective, notably the MenEngage Network. We participate in Nordic, European (EU) and international meetings, conferences and workshops, and cooperate with individuals, organisations, activists and scholars worldwide.

Reform has an international outlook and has cooperated with, amongst others, PLAN and FORUT to promote a male perspective in international development efforts.

Reform has participated in several projects with international partners, for more information about this, please send us an email.


Visiting address: Akersgata 16, Oslo
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Postal address: Reform, pb 28 Sentrum, 0101 Oslo, Norway

Tel: (+47) 22 34 09 50
Fax: (+47) 22 34 09 61


Staff directory and contact details (in Norwegian)

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