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Are Saastad

About speaker

Are has been in charge of Reform since 2012. He has a background from psychiatry and health care and has experience as a union representative, author and debater.

In Reform his areas of expertise is:

  • Boys, men and gender equality
  • Men and health
  • The gender-divided school and labor market
  • Men in care work
  • Men in crisis
  • Organization, Media and Politics

Former lectures

“When sickness hits – do men become less men?” Lecture for members of the Prostate Cancer Society and NORILCO, Bergen, September 2017.

“Why men need gender equality”. Lecture at the Student Union in Trondheim, February 2018.

“Being a Man and Managing Illness – A Challenge.” Lecture for union representative in Transport Workers Association, October 2016.

“Women who beats”. Introduction during the Protest Festival in Kristiansand, September 2015.

“What happens if you get sick and injured?” Lecture for employees at the Kreftlinjen in Oslo, November 2016.

“Gender perspective in mental health.” Lecture for students in mental health care work, Oslo Met University, February 2018.

“Is it okay for men to die while women suffer?” Lecture for doctors at Ullevål Hospital, March 2018.

“How should healthcare meet men?” Internship for staff at the LHL clinic in Skibotn, December 2016.

“Men as role models in fighting gender based violence.” Lecture at the conference What makes a man in Tallinn, Estonia, May 2015.

“Boy crisis in academia.” Lecture at the Student Union in Trondheim, February 2018.

“Networking, organization, financing – Civil society’s contribution to human policy.” Introduction to a conference organized by the German federal government, Berlin, October 2012.

“Capacity building – NGO Experience from Norway.” Introduction to the EEA Program Finalization in Riga, Latvia, March 2017.

Contact speaker:

Tlf: 917 24 293
Mail: are@reform.no

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